Monday-Friday 9 am- 5 pm


Voted 2017 Best Photographer by the Columbus Readers Choice Award

                 I am inspired daily by all the beauty God has put on this Earth. The people with incredible stories and landscapes and scenery that will take your breath away. This is why I have such passion and joy for my job. I get to capture the moments in your life that take your breath away.

               I've found that as a fine art photographer my most meaningful work is a result of a real connection with the people I'm working with. I want an understanding of who they are, what their story is. This is why I have made it the foundation of my business.

               I choose to shoot film because it is not only beautiful, but it’s real. It’s not information floating around on a chip. You can touch it and hold it. You can trust it. It also forces me to slow down and enjoy the process of creating a beautiful image. Every shot I take is delicately thought out. I am constantly directing my subjects, so that they look their best and that the lighting is just right. I can’t make a mistake or just shoot hoping it comes out okay, praying I can fix it later. I have to get it right before I hit the shutter release. But above all, the rich beautiful grain of film keeps me hooked. I love the way it compliments the texture of soft skin. The way it picks up and shows the detail in the light and in the shadows. I’m addicted to film. There is nothing else like it.

              Outside my photography career, I am a man of adventure. I love to travel and experience anything new. I also am a Young Life leader that gains friendships with high schoolers in order to show and share the love of Jesus. I also volunteer at Cascade Hills Church playing drums and apart of their creative board.